Welcome to the New RC Park Flyer Website! 

Welcome to our website, we are glad you have found your way here, as yet this site is very much "under development" please keep looking in as we will be expanding! 


Lady B in her new Park Flyer..... Ready for Spain!
Lady B 44 inch span Park Flyer
Lady B, 44" span, plug in wings, tail dismantles, flat pacs to 31" x 12" x 4"  Powered by Axi 2808/24 brushless outrunner motor, 9x6 E prop, 35 amp brushless speed controler and 1800mh Lipo. 4 x perkins s7.5 servo's and GWS reciever 
All up 23.7 oz's. Flys very well.


The Electric Flight Model Forum

We have introduced a forum called "The Electric Flight Model Forum" which you may use this to ask questions regarding the weekends.
This forum is also open for the discussion and posting of information relating to other points of interest about RC electric flight